Embrace Negative Feedback

Nobody wants to hear bad things about their product or service.
You put your heart and soul into having the best product or service and people just don’t understand or appreciate your hard work.

I understan how you feell; I used to feel like that too about our product.
Critism of your product or serive is hard to take and nobody wants a bad review.
Try to look at it from the customer’s point of view, your product or service didn’t meet their needs in some way.

Positive feedback all the time will give you a false sense of perception. Negative feedback allows you to take a critical look at your product or service.

Negative feedback from a past customer is a good thing for your next customer.
Don’t let your feeling get in the way of business. Business is about risk and reward and using stategies that will move your business forward.

Learn to embrack negative feedback it will help you grow your business.  See negative feedback as a positive; it’s more valuable than positive feedback. Negative feedback will move your business foward.

Listening to your customers will grow your business. Giving your customer exactly what they want will grow your business. The first time we received negative feedback  we blamed the customer. The customer didn’t understand how to use the product.

Positive feedback gave us a false sense of security. We checked the units that were returned to us and guess what? Some of the units didn’t function properly the customer was not having a good experience with our product.

We were only spot checking some of the units before they were shipped to the customer. We didn’t realize some units weren’t working properly since we always received positive feedback or no feedback. We took the no feedback to mean the customer was happy with our product.

The neagative feedback lead to a change to the quality control policy. If we never received  negative feedback this change might not have happened.  The policy change doesn’t stop negative feedback however it ensures each costumer gets a unit that functions properly.

Learn to embrace negative feedback it will help you grow your business.
All postive feedback will gives a false perception of how you are doing in the marketplace.
You don’t have to agree with the customer’s opinion however you should be polite and thank them for their feedback.












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